Today I looked at the date and realized that it was 11/11.

I was so EXCITED because I often look to the universe for “signs”. For me, numbers lining up, is just a fun reminder from the universe that things are going the way they should and I am on the right track. 11/11 is quite a powerful alignment of numbers.

According to those who follow the beliefs of the Law of Attraction, 11/11 is one of the most powerful manifestation days of the year. 

You see, when numbers align they are indicating that YOU also are in alignment. Basically, everything lines up when you’re ready to receive it. Seeing these numbers is a reminder that you are manifesting with ease.

As you go through your day today and you see the numbers 11/11, take a second to embellish the wonderful feeling that you have when you know everything is going your way and shout out a quick “Thank You!” to the universe for having your back.